Vihra Dincheva

Group process facilitator at
February 17, 2018

For me this book is brilliant and so much needed! AfterNow refers to the work done in Japan after the triple disaster, however I strongly believe it is relevant for every context. It tells a real life story in such a simple and in the same time profound way. Reading it I could connect my own story to it and felt heard and understood..."yes this is my experience as well.... ohhh I have also observed it… “. In the same time it puts different patterns, practices and actions into the particular context of what was happening in Japan and what purpose they were serving along the path.

As a group process facilitator myself, I take a lot for my local work in Bulgaria and I keep on coming back for more. I am wondering…...How would our world look like if future sessions are happening everywhere?…..Should we wait for a disaster to happen to start reimagining our future? What is the difference if you are organising future sessions in a disaster area and in a non-emergency context?

On a personal level, I also wish that more of my closest people, who are not involved in this kind of work, will read the book, as they will understand better my story.