Marc Parnes

January 27, 2018

This is a wonderful book. Of course, I am biased having known Bob for over a decade and having had the opportunity to travel to Japan with him for a learning journey around the communities involved in this disaster.

Within this book is an account of the effects of the triple disaster that affected multiple communities in Fukushima. Its aftermath was far reaching for the entire country. Bob’s account would correctly suggest that it impacted us all.

He takes us through an account of having felt called to these communities, his sensing of their immediate and reflective reaction to this devastation, and their resilience to heal themselves and their world. His openness in sharing his learning over the course of years, influenced by many others, brings a wealth of knowledge on solving large complex unsolvable problems.

Though the book is finished, the story continues. The devastation that occurred as a result of the tsunami of 3/11/2011 will remain much longer than we are capable of comprehending. This is a result of the radioactivity that was disseminated from the damaged reactor. After Now is a marker, not unlike those markers found in Japan that warned future generations not to build in a particular location. These had been placed as a result of a tsunami of long ago that caused devastation. If not heeded and remembered, we all are doomed to repeat the experience. Furthermore, it calls to each of us to awaken that part of us that will move forward in our current world, address problems that seem too large to solve, sensing rather than reacting, as we work to create a better Now.