Lana Wertz

CEO and President at Lana Wertz Executive Development LLC
October 12, 2017

I am recommending Bob Stilger's book After Now, When we cannot see the future where do we begin? I was privileged to work beside Meg Wheatley and Bob on the Berkana Institute's Board of Directors. We sought to be in partnership with communities around the world with the clarity that whatever their problem the people in the community are the answer. Bob and his family over 50 years of his life had become a part of the Japanese community. When the tsunami occurred he worked with them over many years to find their path to the future, the After Now. Using his journals he describes his experiences and the lessons coming from them. Clearly his book is relevant to us now in our disasters countrywide, local or personal, whether climate, politics, culture, diversity, etc. The book has beautiful graphics, too. Bob's passion is helping all of us to find our thread that takes us into our futures.