John Steiner

Boulder, Colorado, USA
March 11, 2018

AfterNow is a remarkable achievement. Because Stilger was already committed to Japan, having spent countless time there over many years and because he truly cares, he became a rare and ideal person to understand deeply what it was like for a swath of society to undergo such extraordinary trauma, to sit with many who had undergone enormous suffering and grief, and to meet those bodhisattvas, like himself, who were committed to healing and finding new ways forward.

AfterNow is both a text book and a source book for a new generation of community healers. Stilger's work transcends and includes old models, bringing forth what have we learned and are learning in these last decades about living with natural disasters, social change, and useful interventions. As the number and strength of these occurrences increase, we now have a bible for those asking themselves, How can I most effectively help?

Kudos to Stilger for being a compassionate and fearless reporter about natural tragedies not only in Japan, but also around the world. This book is a labor of love and service. For the reader it is a rare multi-dimensional journey into the best of our humanity.