Ante Glavas

Vermont, USA
February 6, 2018

Enspirited writing from Bob Stilger. While I see this book as a gift to the world, being currently in academia, I wish all students (and especially faculty) could read this. AfterNow brings up a core question of for what are we educating ourselves. Is it to continue on a path many of us do not really want? Then once we know that we want a different future, another difficult question is knowing where to begin. To answer these questions, Bob weaves in stories that embody the key messages in the book, while also giving hope—something much needed with so many un-enspirited stories in the world. At the same time, he combines his deep wisdom with practical advice. Building on his vast experience and knowledge of change, he brings together many approaches showing that they all have commonalities at a deep level: it begins with being present to what is emerging and then furthering that along collectively so as to create positive shared stories.