Building Resilience: An Action-Learning Community

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April 24, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone


Join us for this first 4-session learning cohort beginning Tuesday, April 24th (3 pm to 5:30 pm PT) and learn how to build social cohesion and resilience, even in the face of disasters.

To register your interest please complete this form by Friday, March 23rd.

Payment Agreements: Participants will be asked to contribute $200 for the entire learning cohort experience. (Please note, full and partial scholarships are available and participants from under resourced communities will be given priority).

For those who complete the first three seminars, define a project, and begin implementation, $150 will be available as seed capital for implementation. We are currently seeking additional funding to bolster and increase this seed funding support. In essence, we plan to give your money back to you.

From Stories to Action: Building a Community of Results

Shareable, Transition US, Post Carbon Institute, and NewStories are inviting our members and constituents together to learn about building resilience using a combination of podcasts to be produced by Shareable and Post Carbon Institute and an Action-Learning Cohort to be organized by Transition US and NewStories.

With last year’s hurricanes, earthquakes, shootings, and fires still very much present in our minds the entry point was suddenly clear. In this time of uncertainty and in the midst of volatility and chaos, growing social cohesion and building resilience are essential. Co-creating the lives and communities we want – NOW – is the challenge. Before, or after disaster.


To learn together how to create social cohesion and build resilience, even in the face of disasters.

By the conclusion of our third seminar and before our final meetings, participants will have defined and committed to undertake a project to create social cohesion and build resilience in their communities. During the intervening months (between session three and four), participants will begin implementing their selected projects with the help of facilitated mentoring and peer support. In the fall, when we meet, we will talk about what happened and what comes next.


  • Twenty participants will be part of this first online learning cohort.
  • The learning cohort will have a total of four seminars (dates and times listed below).
  • Various resources will fuel our process including podcasts created by Shareable and Post Carbon Institute. These will feature various stories about those who have built resilience in the face of disaster.
  • We will meet on ZOOM video conferencing for 2.5 hours each session.
  • Payment logistics (please see above)
  • Schedule: Tuesdays 3 pm to 5:30 pm PT
    • April 24th
    • May 15th
    • June 5th
    • Fall TBD

Next Step

When we are complete, we’ll share project stories, and lessons learned to the constituents of our four organizations and allied networks. We’ll ask members of the cohort for advice on how to broaden this action-learning within the broader community, and we’ll invite participation into the second learning cohort journey.

We hope you will join us!  Complete this form by Friday, March 23rd.

Questions? Email



Bob Stilger, PhD and founder of NewStories, is an activist-scholar who explores social change, leadership and community building. Over the lst seven years, Bob has worked with communities, in Japan where people are creating a “new normal” after the devastating Triple Disasters – earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosians – of March 11, 2011. It’s not just Japan where the old normal is disappearing, the present is in chaos and the future is cocooned. How will we each find the courage and clarity we need to stand up and step forward in these times? In his new book AfterNow, Bob shows us how collapse can be a gateway to creativity. He illuminates the patterns, practices and actions that give birth to a life-affirming future so that we may all learn to build the lives and communities we want. Now. More info can be found here.

Carolyne Stayton, MNA (Master of Nonprofit Adminstration) and Co-Director of Transition US, is a community-builder and problem solver. With almost thrity-five years of working with nonprofit organizations, community efforts and educational institutions, she has successfully galvanzied numerous communities around various social issues from lofty vision to tangible results. Her current interest is in supporting community members in building a strong resilience fortitude and tenacious response to disasters of all kinds. In this process of bulding, we come to realize the power, force and potency that is community.


A number of others will be joining various portions of our sessions to provide us with their expertise and knowledge.

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