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Thank you for stopping by our very new AfterNow.Today website.  We’re so excited to be launching this book into the world.  In these times of confusion, we are pleased to offer this glimpse of AfterNow.

eBook is now available!!   You can order it here!  JUST CLICK TO ORDER eBOOK.  In this introductory period, when you add either ePUB or Kindle format to your shopping cart, put 20PERCENT in for a discount code on the shopping cart page and you'll get a 20% discount on the retail price of $10.95.

Printed book will be available for shipping in the second half of October.  Please order it here by clicking on one of the options below.  Retail price for print is $19.95 and we're offering introductory discounts below..  We’re encouraging people to purchase directly from the AfterNow.Today website, but books and ebooks are also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble for preorder now.  It will soon be available on other websites as well as through independent booksellers.

We’re offering advance copies at reduced prices. You can order the beautiful printed book for $15.95.  If you would like the convenience of the eBook and the beauty of the printed book, we'll give you both for $20.95. Prices on the Paypal site include sales tax and US shipping.

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