AfterNow - The Book

The book is an invitation to go ahead and create the lives and communities we want - NOW. It starts with Bob's own story about what it was like to step fully into Japan after the devastating Triple Disasters of March 11, 2011. It broadens to bring in the stories of how ordinary people across Japan -- and across the world -- find their way forward after their old normal disappears. It shares the models, tools, views and approaches Bob worked with over a five-year period as he helped people create the new from a future that had disappeared.

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Bob Stilger

Bob Stilger, PhD, is an activist-scholar who explores social change, leadership and community building. Bob's work has taken him into communities across North America and around the world, helping people build the lives and communities they want. For the first decade of this century much of Bob's work focused on creating translocal learning communities drawing together people creating healthy and resilient communities, primarily in the Global South. From 2010 until 2017, the heart of Bob's work was with communities in Japan where people are creating a “new normal” before and after the devastating Triple Disasters – earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear explosions – of March 11, 2011. For the past five years his attention has been drawn to work with communities facing climate catastrophe as well as to those of us creating what comes next in these pandemic times. His work is in places where the old normal is disappearing, the present is in chaos and the future is cocooned.

Bob sees disruption and collapse as gateways to creativity and How will we each find the courage and clarity we need to stand up and step forward in these times? In AfterNow, Bob shows us how collapse can be a gateway to creativity and illuminates the patterns, practices, and actions that give birth to a life-affirming future

He's a facilitator, a speaker, a teacher and a writer ready to work with those who want to prepare for the possible.

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